Revenue Services

Since 2004, HP Advanced Solutions has delivered revenue services functions and operations that include collection of debt, processing of payments, customer service, account management and account reconciliation. Our goal is to provide service excellence, while minimizing expense and maximizing revenue for all our clients.

Contact Center Outsourcing Services

Executive Overview

  • Outsource inbound and outbound multi-channel customer interaction programs
  • Personalized and consistent customer experience
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • Increase sales, operating efficiency, and reduce costs

HP Advanced Solutions Contact Center Outsourcing Services can help you transform your business by dramatically lowering your cost per contact by as much as 40 percent while providing a more consistent customer experience. These results are achieved through HP Advanced Solutions global capabilities that can enable you to increase call deflection to lower cost channels such as self-service, interactive voice recognition and speech recognition; reduce cost through labor arbitrage; reduce talk time through workflow process optimization; and improve productivity enabled by HP Advanced Solutions global contact center infrastructure.

We hire, train and retain the right customer service professionals who are aligned to your business requirements, use proven technology solutions, and employ standard processes to ensure your company enjoys an increase in customer satisfaction and retention, which ultimately translates to an increase in revenue and profit. Our contact centers handle multi-channel inbound and outbound customer interaction programs that span technical product support, customer care, sales & marketing, and employee care. Because of our direct interaction with your customers, we actively assist you in improving your company's products and services by providing valuable feedback and information to the appropriate sales and marketing department, product engineering group, or distribution center.

When you choose HP Advanced Solutions, you benefit from our robust and global contact center operational capabilities, 40 plus years of experience in employee transitions, and our global secure and reliable infrastructure. We have expertise and presence in 33 countries and 48 languages – our Best Shore SM solution delivers flexible onshore, nearshore and offshore services. Moreover, we have the ability to leverage our technology expertise into our contact center outsourcing solutions and investments. If you're looking for a reliable, customized, and leveraged approach to Contact Center Outsourcing, HP Advanced Solutions is committed to helping you implement the solution that's right for you.

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