Applications Modernization Services: Software Consolidation

Executive Overview

  • Reduce cost and complexity of your applications portfolio
  • Eliminate redundant functionality
  • Optimize assets and leverage across different applications and functions

HP Advanced Solutions' Applications Modernization Services helps you reduce the cost and complexity of your enterprise's application portfolios. Our focus is to optimally align your application technology with your business needs to increase performance, efficiency and usability.

In the first phase of this end-to-end solution, HP Advanced Solutions uses proven processes, tools and diagnostics to perform application portfolio analysis on your current environment. We map each area of your applications portfolio back to your tactical and strategic business objectives.

This leads into the next phase, where we renew, replace or retire applications – or combine them with other applications – based on the details from the portfolio assessment.

To ensure optimal ongoing support for the rationalized portfolio, HP Advanced Solutions then focuses on the management and maintenance of your applications – sustaining the application "lifecycle" based on the new service levels and performance measures.

Available Features

  • Applications Consolidation – Focuses on applications with duplicate functionality, those that aren't required from a business perspective, those that can extend their functionality to replace the needs of other applications, and those that have little support expertise
  • Applications transformation – Identifies existing applications for modernization initiatives through Relearn, Refactor, Rehost, Reinterface, Rearchitect, and Create
  • Applications resourcing – Identifies the application support model and aligns with global delivery capabilities and Best Shore(sm)

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