Looking for Everything as a Service?

Privacy, security and business continuity? Innovative professional contact centre and consulting services? We’ve got it all!

As a unionized service delivery channel, HP Advanced Solutions Inc., draws on Hewlett Packard Enterprise's 40+ years of global experience and solutions in the services that we provide to our clients. Leveraging this vast knowledge and experience means that ultimately, HP Advanced Solutions will be able to provide the full spectrum of business process and technology services to our clients.

HP Advanced Solutions currently provides services in the following areas:

Technology and Hosting Services

Application Development Outsourcing Services

Application Development Outsourcing Services offers you the choice and flexibility to outsource support for specific applications or your entire applications portfolio. You decide what makes sense for your organization to outsource, whether it's a single enterprise-class application, your back office systems or all your applications. That way, you retain as much - or as little - control as you want, so you're better able to delegate internal resources to satisfying the needs of your core business.


Applications Modernization Services

Applications Modernization Services helps you reduce the cost and complexity of your enterprise's application portfolios. Our focus is to optimally align your application technology with your business needs to increase performance, efficiency and usability.


Revenue Services

Since 2004, HP Advanced Solutions has delivered revenue services functions and operations that include collection of debt, processing of payments, customer service, account management and account reconciliation. Our goal is to provide service excellence, while minimizing expense and maximizing revenue for all our clients.


Custom Application Development Services

HP Advanced Solutions Applications Development Services creates new, custom applications, providing full lifecycle support throughout delivery. Your company receives the benefit of successful, high-quality applications without the hassles of learning curves and staffing. Using a four-phased approach, our experts define application requirements, analyze application characteristics, produce/implement the application and monitor performance during post-implementation support.


Hosting Services and Solutions

HP Advanced Solutions' Hosting Services helps you maintain a competitive edge, reduce operational expenses, increase availability, improve data protection and enhance flexibility. Server and storage infrastructure needs to become more agile and responsive to changes in the marketplace, and they should be operating at peak efficiency.

Achieve positive business outcomes through a more optimized, flexible, scalable and reliable infrastructure. Position your enterprise for the 21st century by aligning your systems with enhanced IT services to help your business.

HP Advanced Solutions' Hosting Services provides a reliable, secure and flexible infrastructure.


Cloud Services

HP Advanced Solutions Cloud Services provides expertise on cloud technologies, including support of the HPE Canada Public Sector Community Cloud service. This is Canada's first data sovereign and data resident cloud for governments across the country. Providing a secure and on-demand 24x7 service with associated storage and networking resources, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Canada cloud is a self-service, pay-as-you-go model for Canada's public sector.


Closing the Revenue Gap: The Integrated Management Approach

HP Advanced Solutions can help Public Sector revenue and tax authorities meet these challenges. We implement and integrate world class business processes and information technology solutions for our clients. Our integrated approach to revenue management leads to improved revenue realization at all phases of the revenue management life cycle; from account management, to billing, collections and customer services - our services produce real results.

Future Services

The services that HP Advanced Solutions may provide in the future will be determined by the nature of the opportunities that we pursue. HP Advanced Solutions will expand our services over time to include Hewlett Packard Enterprises core competencies for opportunities that require a labour-friendly transition of unionized staff.